Shout Factory TV


Onboard Universal Search metadata feed meeting Roku’s specs in 30 Days


Automatically pull app metadata from Zype’s CMS API


Enhance / fix data to match Roku spec


Create deep links for movie & TV episodes videos that conform to Roku specs to install app and launch playback

Key Takeaways

  • Achieved a 500% increase in new Roku app installs, exceeded all expectations
  • Roku search is the #1 method to drive new app installs & audience growth
  • Every streaming video App should be onboarded to universal search on Roku
  • Search in all OTT ecosystems is so powerful, it is a required app feature for user acquisition

Key Results


Roku search is the #1 Streaming User Acquisition Tool Apps Aren’t Using

Roku search is the most cost-effective tool for new streaming
user acquisition,
Each app must onboard a specialty data feed & complete an onboarding process to meet Roku specs.

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