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Universal Search

How does Universal Search Work?

Title Search

More than 70% of streaming video consumers use universal search for film and TV shows. Why? Because consumers don’t know in which app to stream a particular film or TV episode.

Search Results

Viewers choose which app has the title and where they want to watch it and if it is FREE Ad supported (AVOD) App, subscription (SVOD), or paid transactional (TVOD) App to find the content.

App Install

Users click the app link to watch the title, the app is installed and playback begins. Universal search & discovery increases net app installs by over 500% for Shout Factory TV App.

App Metadata

Search Data On-boarding is Difficult and Different for Every OTT Platform.

Benefits Of Universal Search

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Benefits of Universal Search

One Feed is All You Need

Who are we?

Universal Search and Discovery LLC - Roku’s Authorized Search Partner

USAND team started in 2017, when we onboarded the majority of the first 100 apps to Roku search in a partnership with Roku. The goal of this “Roku Search 100” project was to increase the number of apps accessible to Roku search. Since then, we’ve built search onboarding partnerships with all the top OTT Streaming Platforms including AppleTV, FireTV Google Android TV, SamsungTV+, VIZIO etc. In fact, we are Roku’s approved #1 Universal Search Feed Services Partner over the last five years.

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